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The zip code:362800
Company website:1535177900000 
The company address:Quanzhou city in fujian province springs harbor petrochemical industrial park of nanshanBArea1Number

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Fujian province zhongshan chemical co., LTD., invested by jiangsu kingburg investment holding group construction,Company is located in quanzhou city spring harbor petrochemical industrial park,Cover an area of an area142m,The registered capital1.1One hundred million yuan,The existing staff180More than one。
A phase of the project in fujian bell2014Years11Month officially started construction, 2016Years8Completed and put into operation。First phase of the project in fujian joint petrochemical ethylene oxide as the main raw material,Built7The production line,One of them3Production line introduced the United StatesHHThe company's advanced technology,Can produce surfactant additives and refining products a year10Ten thousand tons of products mainly:Monomer series water reducing agent、Memory foam polyether series、AEOWatch live series、Polyethylene glycol (peg) series、Special polyether series...

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