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     Shandong laizhou city giant Lin Shengda stone co., LTD is located in known as stone are China, laizhou city, said the yunfeng industrial park,Is enterprise laizhou government organizations,Set mining、Plate processing、Heterotypic carving、Installation in a large domestic stone import and export enterprises。 The company has the Chinese famous brand stone of shandong white hemp(G365)、Gold hemp、Crystal white jade(G355)、Cherry red(G367、G364)Four large mines,Resource is abundant,Quality is good。Mainly engaged in shandong white hemp、Cherry red、Crystal white jade、Gold hemp、Grey hemp、MouPing white、Laizhou blue、Shandong bluestone、Pearl flower、Shidao red、Mongolia black、Jinan green and so on all kinds of grinding stone plate、Fire board、Dry hangs Taiwan、The window sill、All kinds of waste materials、The mushroom stone、The capstone、The kerb、Square away the stone、Stone flower bed、The stone steps、The ball、The eaves、Arc plate、The blind road stone、All kinds of sculptures(Figure...

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